martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013


Today as I walked back home from school, I tought I saw you. I gave you a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I walked to the corner, crossed the street, and a car hit me. I felt the bones crushing and my insides exploding. I felt pain. And I was sad, so sad that I would´nt get to say good bye, and I felt relief. It all had stop and I would´nt have to fight anymore. I cried your name and then I could´nt breathe no more. As I drowned on my own blood, I knew there was no coming back from this, my white uniform was forever tainted with a bright scarlet red, it marked the end of this pointless life.

jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Regreso con poesía

Tal vez sea un poco burda pero así es como me siento, algunas faltas gramaticales fueron cometidas a propósito para enfatizar la confusión y la falta de sentido del autor, incluyo o más bien baso el primero en un cita indu hecha famosa por Oppenheimer.

 "I have become death, the destroyer of worlds
  I am become death, the bringer of darkness
  The master of sorrow and pain
   I have become death, and I'm no longer
  of this world.

   I am the destroyer of worlds. "

 El segundo y mi favorito

  " I no longer belong to you, nor to anybody,
    trough my own destruction, I have achieved freedom...

     and pain...
     and pain...

    I am no longer of this world
    We no longer share reality
    and my eyes seem to blur when I see the light
    I am death and fright and sorrow.
    I am pain..."

Gracias a todos y a los que todavía me leen! Buenaventura! Bonanzas! Y felicidad!