miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

It´s been 2 years (almost 3)

A lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the same, it´s just now that i come to realize that i have´nt had a regular sleep schedule, i mean like a normal person does, for going on 7 years, maybe even 8, no wonder i don´t function in a regular normal fashion. I stopped posting here for no reason at all. My blogged became one of those blogs that i did´nt want it to resamble, those forgotten blogs, that u find years after the author has stopped updating them, and then after you read all of the past posts, you feel a little bit empty and sad when you realize that that blog has died, and that for some reason good or not, that author is no more. He or she does´nt exist no more at least not in the way they use to exist. And then you die a bit inside as well. I know that noboday reads this anymore, and actually i am kind of glad about it, i don´t promote it no more, and when asked about it, i lie and say it is no more. Still it is fulfilling and sad at the same time, to come back and read all those things i wrote when i was sad, happy, exited, afraid, frustrates, in love, out of love, but yeah mostly sad, and remembering those moments, those little fragments of the mind that seem to fade away as the years pass. Te quiero, te amo, te adoro. I am sad and lonely and tonigh i really wish i was dead.