miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010


sometimes in life we find ourselves in a crossroad.
where we have choices to make,

right now i am in one.

I´ve been delaying my life for about 5 years now and i started destroying for about 6, i have now the choice to put my life back in track or to inevitably end it.

This last few weeks I´ve been very sad, i eat only once a day I stay awake all through the night and i almost never leave my room til it´s dark outside, the only real person i have contact with is my girlfriend, and i thank her for that.

So i want to get into these university and the first month i was very motivated I will study every day and shit, but after the first exam i stopped studying like I´ve been studying, i started getting very ansious when i heard or thought about just about anything to do with genomic sciences and the admission process.

I feel like shit, but only worst.

3 comentarios:

gemmadjc dijo...

my love, don´t feel sad, i loveyou you, you are a very inteligent person and i know you will do great!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Y yo te amo a ti preciosa todo salió bieni ya ahorita estoy comentando desde un iPad mientras tu caminas por la tienda mmmuuuuuuáaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

gemmadjc dijo...

jajajajaja, me dio mucha risa tu comentario amor, me acordé de ese día, te amo con toda mi alma, y si todo salió muy bien, y sigo aqui para ti ;) te amo